VAM2 Visual Asset Management

The virtual tours were created with the VAM2 Visual Asset Management database application and then published to the webserver. 

We recommend to first watch the   VAM introduction video to see all the capabilities.

Kaihuasi Temple, China


A very unique temple mostly original for more then 1000 years. The tour includes 3D models, pointclouds CAD plans and most important of all, the the original old buddhist paintings in super high resolution.

Captured with Civetta 360° and I-detic combined in VAM2. Courtesy of SEL Data Co China. 

Gas and oil (onshore warehouse)


A documentation with focus on 3D models of specific equipment.

mockup crime scene


 With the Civetta and VAM technology creating visual representations like this can be done in 2 hours from arrival at the scene to sharing the created presentation. In addition, the 360° Civetta images were used to create a detailed 3D pointcloud of the of the scene.

Farmhouse from the 18th century documented and presented for restuaration. 

cultural heritage documentation


The old city project in China aims to document all the remaining old villages by 360° and 3D capturing. They are then distributed over the Aliyun cloud and experts around China enrich the data with additional information and media to have a serious documentation and preservation of cultural heritage. At the end of 2017 already about 300 villages have been documented.  Extraordinary footage not only for fans of chinese culture are these old chinese villages

Remark: Internet connection outside China is limited so please be patient.