3D Scenes

3D scenes based on the automated reconstruction with 3DSphere purely from 360° images. This technology does not require to manually set any markers and creates colored 3D point clouds or colored meshed models. In these examples the original output was reduced, sometimes heavily reduced to enable smooth online display.


Exploring requires a recent browser with openGL support like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer starting from IE11.

Mockup crimescene with Civetta 360 and VAM2 database application

Mockup Crime Scene pointcloud


The 3D reconstruction of a mockup crime scene was created from 360° images captured with the Civetta. You can explore the pointcloud and take measurements in your browser.

Construction site documentation with 360 images and 3D reconstruction

Construction Site Documentation with pointcloud


Cologne renovation work around the dome of Cologne.

Keep track of work and volumes.

Parliament Bogota


Reconstruction of the parliament in Bogota based on 16 full spherical images. Automated 3D reconstruction with the 3DSphere technology.