Compare VAM2 versions


Compare and evaluate our different options. VAM2 offers SaaS,  Cloud and on-premise versions.

Independent of the setup, the user can log in with any device running a standard internet browser.

Even on the run,  with any mobile PC, Android or Apple device online in the cloud at the touch of a button.



Simple web browser

Login out of the box


Private Cloud

Installed on a dedicated administrated server 


Hybrid Cloud

Cloud installation

Azure, Aliyun etc

On Premise

Installed in your own

infrastructure setup

Security 256-bit SSL Encryption 256-bit SSL Encryption Individual configuration Individual configuration



Multi Platform access

Android, Win, IOS, Linux

v v



Plugin free browser support

v v


Webbased v v


Mobile v v


Desktop - - v v
Server - - v v


In-browser support for:

Spherical images v v v v
Documents v v v v
Photos v v v v
Videos v v v v
360° Videos v v v v
Audios v v v v
3D Models v v v v
3D Pointclouds v v v v
360° Photogrammetry v v v v
3D Measurements v v v v
Links to live sensors v v v v
Links to IP cameras v v v v
Links to 3rd party software v v v v
Links to websites v v v v


User access

Multi device support v v v v
License free website distribution v v v v
Simultaneous user per project 1 50+ 1000+ 10000+
User right management - v v v
Edit user license v v v v
View only user license - v v v
Admin user license - - v v



Individual project publishing v v v v
Incremental Web publishing v v v v
Publish as standalone project v v v v
Publish as printable report v v v v
Individual project export/import v v v v
Database export/re-import - v v v



Multilingual GUI v v v v
Detailed user statistics - v v v
Customized hotspot icons - - v v
Customized GUI  - -  v  v
Customized user statistics  -  -  v  v



Access to ticketing system  v  v  v  v
Online help  v  v  v  v
In-App help  v  v  v  v
Live Chat  v  v  v  v
Individual Webinar  v  v  v  v
Multiuser Webinar  -  v  v  v
On site support  -  -  v  v
On site user training  -  -  v  v
Subscription/Licensing Subscribe monthly/yearly Subscribe monthly/yearly License License


Live demo + Pricing


Live demo + Pricing


Live demo + Pricing


Live demo + Pricing