VAM2 Visual Asset Management

VAM2 is a browser-based database application that allows to visualize and manage all existing digital file formats via drag and drop in a visual way.


The projects can be edited viewed and published locally or over the internet or intranet. All digital assets, such as Photos, full spherical images, 3D models, documents, audio files, videos, laser-scan data, CAD models and many more are supported.


Only a recent internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) is required.


By simply drag and drop operation all digital assets can be visually linked one to each other. Thus, complex projects can be implemented quickly and reliably in a short time.


Customers worldwide utilize the VAM database application for:


  • Crime scene and traffic accident documentation
  • Fire and explosion documentation
  • Facility management
  • Construction site documentation
  • Safety/Security planning
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Interactive asset database examples

Click to open the project
Mockup crime scene
Click to open the project
Oil drilling ship
click to open the project
Construction site documentation Cologne
Click to open the project
Car crash mockup
Click to open the project
Castle of Saarbruecken with underground museum

Some of the many features:


- Completely browser based
- No plugin or other software installation required
- Either local or server-client installation on intranet, internet or cloud
- designed to work smooth on low-bandwidth
- Detailed user rights management system
- Integrated file uploader converter for all popular media file formats
- Visually linking all popular digital media files
- Structuring by creating folders and Keywords (virtual folder)
- Outline maps with hotspots for easy navigation
- Integrated online measurement functions
- Direct communication by means of Deep Links
- Individual hotspot icons and colors
- Asset property editor
- Publishing on a web server or as standalone project
- Preview function for direct viewing
- Image manipulation/corruption detection
- Download individual Media files from within the Tour
- Direction and field of view display on the overview map
- Screenshot and full screen function
- Search function
- Exif and GPS data analysis
- Simultaneous work of an unlimited number of clients

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