Civetta 360° digital imaging



Civetta (In English: „owl“)


The Civetta is a fully automated 360° capturing technology delivering 230 Mpixel full spherical high dynamic range (HDR) images. File format .exr file with 32 Bit color depth and/or tonemapped .jpg file format with 8 Bit color depth.


Don´t care about your project, concentrate on your mission. 

If you are in 360° photogrammetry there is no better technology you can buy.


360° images in superior quality at the click of a button


Working with 360° images is a huge benefit for a wide range of applications.


So far the creation of high-quality images was reserved to professionals only.


Therefore, we developed a fully automated extremely reliable 360° capturing technology that can be operated by anyone as it is a one-click operation. 


Working with light


High dynamic range imaging (HDR) combined with the superior, low light capabilities make the Civetta the perfect tool to capture scenes with very varying light situations. Always the same excellent results when there is some light.

When there is no light we do have the integrated triggered LED flash to even get a coalmine captured.  


The Civetta 360° technology is a real working horse.


When it comes to durability, workload reliability and suitability to really harsh environments we bet you won´t find anything better.


This is why our technology is heavily used all around the world. 


Never heard about it? Well -it´s a well hidden champion.

New: Civetta 360° capturing technology now available with 230 MPixel (E-Series) and 110 MPixel (D-Series).

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Demo images

Explore some images by clicking on the image below for a collection, that opens in a separate window.

Displayed as auto-tonemapped 8-Bit Images but also available as high dynamic range HDR full spherical Images.

360° Measurement


The Civetta technology features integrated measurement technology that provides absolute distance, length, angle or (x,y,z) coordinates. 


With the offline viewer or the use of VAM precise measurements can be taken, whenever you need them. 




Video accident documentation

Video CGI camera