Get started with your 30 days VAM2 test drive.

All you need is a browser......
All you need is a browser......

Full functionality with our all inclusive package operating in the cloud.

Test #1 Visual Asset Management Database application with your own content or ask us for test samples.

We offer unlimited traffic, up to 1 TB storage and including video introduction for an all inclusive flat rate.

After the trial period you can export the data or choose one of our plans to proceed. 


We guarantee:

- installation-free

- 30-day fully functional access

- unlimited traffic

- 1 TB storage included 

- Contract will automatically stop after 30 days

- including introductional training via video conference

- access to the knowledge base

- 30 days Flatrate for only 99.- €  -ALL INCLUSIVE-



VAM2 account for 1 month in the cloud. Full functionality and 500 GB online storage space.

The -All inclusive package- to check out the Power of VAM2. 

All you need is a browser. Installation free access within minutes.

99,00 €

If you would like to talk to us first, don´t hesitate to give us a call:  +49 6314140490

Best between 7.30 - 18.00 O´clock on German working days. (This is GMT+1) 


We are looking forward to working together with you. 


      Dr. Marcus Weiss

        CEO Weiss AG