Company History

Dr. Marcus Weiss CEO Weiss AG

The Weiss AG was founded on 07.07.2008 as a small stock company in Kaiserslautern Germany.


The objects of the company are the development, production and worldwide distribution of digital soft- and hardware solutions and Visual Asset Management Database applications.


The founder and chairman of the Management Board Dr. Marcus Weiss studied mechanical and process engineering. In the year 2000 he finished his PhD with Grade 1 at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.


Dr. Marcus Weiss holds several patents and was honored with 7 national and international prices for highly innovative developments. He was co-founder of SpheronVR AG, a rapidly growing company in the field of digital technologies. 


2017 VAM2.3 releases      All platforms and all devices, full touch support. VAM2 TK for automated backup

2017 VAM2.2 release       Completely new viewer technologies. No more Flash required, 360° video and more

2017 VAM2.1 release       VAM2 now supports hotlinks in pointclouds and 3D models

2016 Civetta E-series       New version with 230 MPixel native resolution

2015 Civetta add-on         real 32 bit image depth to capture images with unclipped sun

2015 VAM 2.0                   Integration of 3D model and pointcloud viewer

2014 I-Detic                      Handheld 3D video unit for fast documentation of large areas

2013 VAM                         Release Visual asset management database

2013 Civetta D-series       Technical redesign, integrated GPS and digital compass

2012 3DSphere                Automated 3D reconstruction from full spherical images

2012 Megascops              3D capturing machine for objects

2011 Civetta C-series,      Re-design with integrated LED

2010 Civetta B-series,      Improved precision, resolution and dynamic range 

2009 Civetta A-series       Automated 360° digital imaging

2008 Company start        Setting up development and production



Our Logo


The logo of Weiss AG represents the letter W in Braille.

We liked the idea to make a script - which is 2-dimensional - readable by blind people by switching into 3D.

Weiss AG best for your assets