What we do

Weiss AG develops, manufactures and distributes digital 360° and 3D hardware, software and database applications to provide top class content with the click of a button.


Our Hardware Solutions

Customers in more than 12 countries world-wide utilize our Civetta 360° digital capturing system, the I-DETIC handheld 3D video scanner and the Megascops.


Our Software and Database Solutions

Combined with the  VAM visual asset management database application the results can easily be combined to interactive tours.

If you like applications like google streetview, google maps, google docs, picasa, panoramio, google satelite, but want to host the data on your own server, we have the solution.

VAM allows you to visually link all digital data with hotspots. Most digital formats can directly be displayed in the browser. VAM has direct browser support for 60 document formats, 120 video formats and codecs, 50 different image formats and many more. Even 3D pointclouds and meshed models can be viewed in the browser without proprietary plug-ins.


Fields of Application

Favorite applications are crime scene documentation, BIM (building information modeling) for different industries like in the gas and oil sector, documentations of objects and scenes, 2D and 3D CAD-model generation. The Civetta is utilized to capture HDR lightmaps for the CGI industries and was used in a number of blockbuster productions as well as for advertisements. 



The combination of taking online measurements in a pointcloud and full spherical panoramas combined with maps, videos and documents makes VAM the swiss army knife for visual asset management. 


Our Vision

We are continuously working on new solutions 360° and 3D applications. Our task is to provide technologies that are easy to use allowing professionals and non- professionals to produce and distribute digital data with ease to make the world brighter. The next big step will be an online service that allows users to easily create virtual tours with images derived from any panorama camera or full spherical camera like the Civetta, the Spherocam, the LizardQ, major 3D laserscanner and many more. 

Headquarter Weiss AG Kaiserslautern Germany
Headquarter Weiss AG Kaiserslautern Germany

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